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Louisiana Capital City Obedience Club, Inc.

Class Objectives and Goals  

To promote the idea that dogs can become "good citizens" within the community through training and socialization and the strengthening of the human/dog bond.  To provide all levels of training for beginner, novice, or advanced owners of dogs.  To provide a variety of training activities and opportunities based on current trends and requests.  Training should always be a fun, positive experience, and chance for meaningful interaction between owner and dog.

Instructor Qualification 

All instructors are members of LCCOC.  All instructors are volunteers and receive no monetary compensation for their time.  Instructors have placed at least one obedience title on a dog through recognized competition trials.

Training Methods 

A variety of instruction methods are used with emphasis on positive training. Harsh and negative methods are discouraged. Homework and handouts are given.

Class Sizes    

Class sizes vary. Average beginner classes have 10-15 dogs.  Volunteer assistants help with larger groups.

Puppy Kindergarten

Beginners Obedience Class

Advanced Beginners Obedience Class

Novice or Show Obedience Class

Beginners Agility Class

For additional information on agility classes contact Polly Odom

bulletTwo 6 week courses divided into Part A, Part B.
bulletQualification for Part A & B: Open to all dogs demonstrating advanced performance of basic obedience commands with emphasis on come and solid stays. Dogs must be under control when off-leash.
bulletObjective Part A: Foundation training for the owner and the dog in agility commands and obstacles.
bulletObjective Part B:  Continuance of obstacle recognition and performance, beginning of obstacle sequencing, and handler techniques.
bulletContent Part A & B: Emphasis on various obstacles and handling techniques for the owner and solid responses from the dog.

Agility for Fun Class

Pre-Competition Agility Class


bulletOn going course
bulletQualification: Open to club members who have taken the Pre-Competition Class or equivalent and permission from Instructor. 
bulletObjective: Training for all levels of competition.
bulletContent: Distance work, advanced handler techniques, timing, and conditioning.

Other Training Opportunities

LCCOC members support each other's training efforts in such areas as:  Canine Good Citizen testing, lure-coursing, field tracking and retrieval training, therapy dog training, conformation handling techniques, etc.


Rates vary for the different classes.  Please contact us by E-mail  or call  225-923-2383 for information on current rates.

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