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Louisiana Capital City Obedience Club, Inc. 

Officers - 2003

Board Members

 Polly Odom, John Runnels, Ann Wade

Trial & Test Committees

Agility - Nedra Guthrans

Herding - Amy Primes

Obedience - Noel Wascom

Tracking - Nancy Landry


Individuals or families may make application for club membership and pay an application fee after they begin an obedience or an agility class. Once the application is made, the individual or family must attend three club meetings within six months of the application date. At the third meeting, club members will vote to accept or reject the applicant. 

Club History

The Louisiana Capital City Obedience Club, Inc. (LCCOC) was established October 28, 1963 and is Baton Rouge's oldest on going AKC obedience club.

The earliest training sessions were held Sunday afternoons in City Park. By 1964 classes were moved to the parking lot of the "old Sears" building on Florida Blvd. and were held on Thursday evenings. At that time beginners classes were twelve week sessions followed by a graduation. Puppy training was offered starting in 1973. In 1976 class sessions were shortened by two weeks and in 1984 there were set for eight weeks which is length they remain today.

On November 20, 1984, after presenting the necessary information to the Internal Revenue Department, LCCOC was officially declared a non-profit organization.

Today classes are offered every Thursday in eight week sessions, puppy classes for five weeks, at the Alltel (formerly Cellular One) parking lot on Coursey Blvd. LCCOC has been at this location since 1990.

Due to the rising popularity of the competition sport of dog agility, LCCOC began looking at establishing an AKC agility program in 1999. Some equipment was donated and a suitable practice field was located behind Don's Seafood and Steak House on Airline Highway. The first class was held in the fall of 1999, the first Agility Fun Match occurred December 10, 2000, the first AKC sanctioned match in the fall of 2001, and the first AKC sanctioned Agility Trial in February 2002.

Community Activities    

LCCOC volunteers participate in obedience demonstrations at public libraries and other community activity areas. LCCOC provides one free Beginners Class to anyone adopting a dog from a recognized organization. LCCOC provides local, AKC sanctioned dog events promoting further interest and rewards for advanced training.

LCCOC members have been actively involved in Pet Therapy for more than 12 years. There are presently 20 people with approximately 40 animals in the program. The club visits 6-7 different locations each month. All the canines have been through at least one obedience class and most have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. A large number are registered with Therapy Dog International. 

Canine Good Citizen       

The Canine Good Citizen Program, which the club promotes, is a test of a dog's manners and training. It is not a competition and does not require the owner or the dog to perform with precision. The components are:

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